Friday, July 22, 2011


So October was busy busy and as always my favorite month. We took a trip to Graue Mill with Aunt Molly and she got in on the action showing Fred the giant nest. They look like nutty squirrels to me!

Last of the garden harvest.

Preschool field trip to the local nursery a couple blocks from our house - Kinche's totally rocks!

Jeff ran the Chicago marathon - that would be his obnoxious support crew. The lime green is totally neccessary but the balloons may have put us on other people's hit list as they became a bit unruly.

Exploring a new forrest preserve, why I think that's a good idea to do on my own I haven't a clue.

Trip to the pumpkin patch!

"Some day boys, I'll buy you one."

I found the cutest one in the patch though!

Preschool party!
Fred the Tiger and Mariam the Chicken! I seriously could not get enough of her in that costume - it was just too hilarious!

The little goblins

Every good party ends with playing trucks

"Uh mom, not to alarm you but did you put my hat in the dryer? My hat has seem to have shrunk."

My adorable godson!

So from the moment Fred said he wanted to be a tiger I was so excited to have Calvin and Hobbes! Do you think I remembered to take a picture of them together?! DOH!

Cal as union labor.

Noah the method actor... "I am spiderman!"

Happy Halloween from the Worst Family

Enjoy the talking pumpkin!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Hewes Lake House Trip - Oh so much fun!
20 children on a pontoon - what could go wrong?

ummm... really disturbing, I'm not sure if I need to be concerned or not....

no judging parenting skills!

A trip to the beach seemed to require us to pack a little heavy.Too windy to go - it was like being sandblasted! Only a semi-crazy father and son team braved the conditions.

Ahh much better - beach conditions greatly improved!

A tractor show! Could this trip get any better?!

Yes, apples.

First Day of School! ( I know he's only 2 1/2 but mommy thought it would be a good idea to practice listening to other adults)

Fire trucks helped calm our nerves!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

End of July & August

So now I need to summarize what we did for the end of summer, let's see...

Well I guess looking at my photo library I had a bit more of July to post:
Fred and I took Cal on his first out of state trip just over the boarder in Wisconsin to visit our buddies the Dippolds and pal Erin (I didn't take these photos but they were so cute!) Fred was in love with Ernie, and Ray liked Cal.

Very cute. But see what a few hours in Cheeseland did to Fred - he almost switched teams... oh the horror!

Cal meeting his new forced best friend Sam.

Lots of Splash Park fun, I think this is 4th of July too.

No, that's not Frieda cleaning our play house, just Fred and his unibrow of mud. He is a worker guy, likes to be busy with chores.

Bucket bath after "cleaning" the play house. Who doesn't love back yard bathing?

Our block party with fire truck... way cool in this jr. fire fighters book.

My sweet baby boy. Isn't that onsie fantastic? My childhood best friend made that for him, how special right?!

And he always has this expression of joy and wonder, it makes me laugh!

Day Out with Thomas at the train museum in Union, IL. So great but hot hot hot sticky hot!

Bumper Crop - we breed 'em big!

(FYI - I didn't personally grow that watermelon, but everything else sure!)

O'Leary instant family... you want to keep 'em? Looking natural Emmett (especially with knowing the secrete awesomeness of the ceiling fan)

Pirate Party for Nana Lynn's birthday!

Cal & GGP

Well after all that don't you think we need to take a vacation?